Version 2.02 Change Log (2/16/2013)

Thanks for all the support everyone!!

More fixes and changes...

- Fixed more graphics glitches
- Fixed a bug that made it impossible to escape the clinic in certain cases (oops)
- Made it easier to treat Chlamydia and Mycoplasma
- Made it so you can skip the introductory story by leaving the house without eating the custard
- Added more narrative relating to the pneumonia patient at the hospital
- Added loperamide (Imodium) to treat/prevent diarrhea status effect, and diphenhydramine (Benadryl) to treat certain drug allergies

Also, I have added a comment board for submitting ideas, suggestions, bug reports, etc.

Version 2.01 Change Log (2/12/2013)

Within the last 24 hours I fixed several major bugs:
- Saving and loading in rooms with patients caused them to disappear
- Couldn't leave the clinic in some instances
- Fixed some minor text / graphical formatting glitches
Other changes:
- When you encounter a disease yourself (through tainted food, walking through the woods, etc), the disease and pathogen now appear in the records.  For logging purposes :D
- After three wrong diagnoses in a row, the attending will take pity on you and explain where you went wrong.
- The pharmacy sells more useful antibiotics now.
I think the save files should still be compatible...
Speaking of save files, Flash stores its save data locally, but according to browser / web site.  It seems like signing in and out of google might affect if it can access the save files or not.

Version 2.0 Change Log! (2/11/2013)

Microbe Invader is now a role-playing game!  I meant to finish this earlier, but then surgery rotation happened...better late than never?
This time, you're a med student treating infectious diseases in the hospital and in the community!  As the one carrying the ID pager in the extremely understaffed local hospital, your task is to:
Diagnose patients by ordering lab tests and matching the symptoms and history to bacteria that fit the presentation
Treat patients with appropriate antibiotics for that bacteria.  Watch out for side effects and antibiotic resistance!
Explore the community and eradicate the infectious diseases lurking in expected places!  You can get sick yourself by eating tainted food, hanging around too close to animals, stepping on rusty nails, etc.
As you encounter, diagnose, and treat more pathogens, you collect badges.  Maybe you can get them all?  (the BADGES, not the diseases!)
- 44 different bacteria, each with their own attacks!  At the moment they are all bacteria, but the next version will include fungal and viral diseases (hopefully)
- 24 different antibiotics!  Find them in supply rooms around the hospital, or buy them yourself at the pharmacy.  Currently they don't distinguish between IV and oral types, but that might change...
- Automatically written electronic medical records - No need to type progress notes, they will magically be written for you after you see and treat patients!  Auto-log your patients, diseases, and pathogens seen.  If only real life were this easy...
- You can save your game by accessing the medical records screen (lower left button) under the Save tab.
- Randomly generated patients and townspeople!  As you play you might start seeing the same patients and get to participate in continuity of care!
- See patients in different settings like the hospital, outpatient clinic, or during house calls.
- Eat delicious (virtual) foods like custard, rare steak, raw seafood...
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