Lots of changes (6/16/2013) - Version 3.0!

Posted by admin on June 16, 2013

Finally, it's another update after a very long delay!! (thanks to internal medicine rotation).  There's still have a lot left to do.
- Added more styles of townspeople!
- The attendings now look more unique (no more nurse joy / officer jenny type attendings!)
- Added lots of viruses, fungi, parasites (see the list for more details) - there are now almost double the amount of pathogens and diseases
- Lots more icons for history, symptoms, and tests - Oxidase and Citrate, Stool antibodies / microscopy, plus others for detecting parasites/fungi/viruses
- CT scan for head, chest, abdomen - take longer than the chest X-ray, but can detect things more clearly
- Slightly farther progression in the story - introducing more detail about lung infections, soft tissue infections, Gram positive cocci, etc.  The attendings will page you with quests (might need to start a new game to see this part).
- Some diseases aren't really treated with antibiotics - in this case, you can click the wait button and watch your patient's immune system fight the pathogen!  It's more effective when there's no real antibiotic/antiviral treatment (still a work in progress, right now your neutrophils can phagocytose tapeworms)
- Abdominal abscesses, septic arthritis, and osteomyelitis are best treated with surgical consult - use the pager in battle to summon the surgeon!
- You can now save your progress to a file on your local hard drive!  It took me a while to figure out how Actionscript does this.
Thanks for all of the corrections and suggestions!  Still working on getting everything in.  Since there were a lot of changes, I have kept the old version around in case something broke...