Version 2.01 Change Log (2/12/2013)

Posted by admin on February 12, 2013

Within the last 24 hours I fixed several major bugs:
- Saving and loading in rooms with patients caused them to disappear
- Couldn't leave the clinic in some instances
- Fixed some minor text / graphical formatting glitches
Other changes:
- When you encounter a disease yourself (through tainted food, walking through the woods, etc), the disease and pathogen now appear in the records.  For logging purposes :D
- After three wrong diagnoses in a row, the attending will take pity on you and explain where you went wrong.
- The pharmacy sells more useful antibiotics now.
I think the save files should still be compatible...
Speaking of save files, Flash stores its save data locally, but according to browser / web site.  It seems like signing in and out of google might affect if it can access the save files or not.