Version 2.03 Changes (2/17/2013)

Posted by admin on February 17, 2013

hehe as you can see, this game is still a work in progress... >__<  Thanks for all of the bug reports!  Luckily my weekends are mostly free this month :D
- Fixed treatments for spirochete diseases (Lyme, Leptospira) - doxycycline works now (oops...)
- Added an extra shelf to the pharmacy for rarer antibiotics like Rifampin and Linezolid.  Previously, they only showed up occasionally in the ID board room shelf... they still do, but now it's slightly easier to get them.
- As for money, if you're running low (<$200) then your parents send you some occasionally.  The townspeople and patients get updated every minute, the supply shelves might get restocked around every 5 minutes or so.