Version 2.04 Changes (2/18/2013)

Posted by admin on February 18, 2013

More fixes!
- Oops...apparently the code for detecting lab tests for the lab tech badge was all wrong.  It should be fixed now...
- Self-limiting diseases like B. cereus / Staph aureus food poisoning etc now eventually resolve on their own, if you give them enough time.
Diphenhydramine now enables you to use Penicillin in penicillin-allergic patients!  and same for cephalosporin allergies.
- Fixed more graphics glitches (wrong colors on some people)
- Fixed notes if they are longer than a page.  Haven't tested this on windows or other browsers yet...
- Fixed catalase test for bacteria besides staph: pseudomonas, klebsiella/proteus/salmonella/shigella, listeria, gonorrhea
- Fixed blood culture for Staph aureus (supposed to be beta-hemolytic)
- Alerts you when you can't buy something at the store because your inventory's full
- If an enemy kills you before the antibiotic gets used, you don't waste it anymore.
In case anyone is feeling inspired...the game was programmed in Flash ActionScript using Eclipse and the AXDT plugin, all free.  and the lovely art was mostly done in MS paint by my girlfriend Victoria :D
I'm slightly behind on my reading for peds, so major updates will probably have to wait.  The next thing to add will be more educational scenarios!