Version 2.06 Changes (2/24/2013)

Posted by admin on February 24, 2013

Edit: fixed the clinic part again >__<
Lots of new features and bug fixes!
Lumbar Puncture for meningitis
Urease test for H. pylori and Proteus
- Replaced the disease name "Diarrhea" with the more scientific-sounding "Gastroenteritis"
- Various other specific tests for different bacteria (Green pigment->Pseudomonas, C. diff toxin ELISA, hydrogen sulfide production, etc)
Vancomycin should work now, other antibiotics should also work more correctly for their specific diseases
- Imipenem is now included in penicillin allergies
- Cultures now automatically include gram stain
- Faster walking
- Added items omeprazole (for H. pylori) and antitoxin (for tetanus, botulism, etc)
- Bonus points for doing a complete workup (ran all necessary tests to confirm disease)
- Bonus points for treating with the first-line therapy (recommended treatment for the disease)
- View patient boards from the records screen, and also your current task (only works for new games)
- View more details about pathogen diagnosis and treatment in the records screen.  This information includes risk factors, diagnostic tests, recommended treatment, resistance mechanisms, etc.  I plan to add something like this for the individual diseases too, eventually.  A lot of this info was from UpToDate hehehe...
- The attending now wants a chest X-ray before you diagnose the pneumonia patient.