Version 2.09 Changes (3/3/2013)

Posted by admin on March 3, 2013

This is another big set of updates!  First the bug fixes....
- Fixed some problems with the patient chart
- Able to do full workup of Staph aureus now (oops..misspelled something in the files)
- Fixed the LP results
- Lists are now in alphabetical order
- Doesn't penalize you for not doing silver stain or novobiocin test (these were supposed to be for fungi and staph epi, which aren't in the game yet).
Next, newly added (educational) features!!
- Click on the badges on the info screen to see what else you need (in more detail)
If you take a nap at home, sometimes you may enter a dream world where you can meet some of the bacteria in person!  and they will tell you how to defeat them :D
- There is now a conference room on the fourth floor with educational presentations!  You'll get paged when they happen (but you don't necessarily need to go):
    Grand Rounds - talking about different diseases, how they present, what bacteria cause them
    Morbidity and Mortality - talking about drug resistance, side effects, etc
So far there are only two, and they will repeat over and over, so feel free to ignore them after a while and not go.  You won't be penalized :D